How to use Item Market


Blockchain technology might sound scary, but we made a solution that allows hassle-free daily interactions with the tech while keeping all the features like decentralized ownership and safe trade.


Waves Keeper. The only thing you need to start interacting with tokenized items is a free browser extension Waves Keeper. Waves Keeper signs transactions on your behalf, you can consider it a a bank app where you confirm transfers. Yes, our tech is even safer then your bank.

Getting Started with Waves Keeper

Account. If you don’t have an account with Waves yet - the best way is to create one directly in Keeper, just launch the addon right after the installation.

Account Creation

Please make sure to write down your seed phrase – this is the only way to access your items the next time you want them. Keep it secure as seed phrase is both a login and a password to your account!

Keep your seed phrase safe

Buying an item

First things first - your game has to be integrated with Item Market. This doesn't take much and if your game is not here yet - just reach out to the developer (e.g. game forum always works!).

How do I top up my account balance?

The buying flow is quite natural and the only thing that might raise a question is account top up.

Item Market uses Waves cryptocurrency as main payment method, both for items and transaction commission. Each transaction would cost 0,003 Waves or $0,004 (check!)

  • If you don't have Waves yet you would need to top up your account using the method available on Item Market. This is also a straightforward process, but since cryptocurrencies are strictly regulated you'd need to go through a "KYC" procedure or identity verification process. This means that the payment provider might request additional documents and would need to approve you before you can make any payments.

Topping up your account

  • If you already have cryptocurrencies you can purchase Waves using Waves Decentralized Exchange (DEX). [transferring funds from another account screenshot?]

Identity verification

Need to display as TIP (!) If the item you'd like to buy is not yet for sale you can always make a bet and indicate the demand to item owner. When making a bet Item Market would only charge the transaction fee, the bet itself would only be charged in case of successful transaction.

Selling an item

In order to sell an item please navigate to inventory section under your account. Find the item you'd like to sell, chose the price & how long you'd like this offer to be active. Please note that the system would require a small fee in Waves to place your item.

Selling an item